Join us for this episode where we talk about one of our favorite Midwest vacation destinations:  Door County.  We discuss places to stay, our favorite topic - food, and the multitude of things to do in Door County.  Andrew continues to bring up hot tubs, and Nate tells a story about a biking trip that did not end well.  

Join us this episode where we welcome stand up comic Von Mychael onto the show.  We talk about life as a comic, his experience at The Apollo, and his new special.  He also joins us for the inaugural TBP TV Showdown.  Nate picked 32 classic (70's and 80's) TV shows and made a random bracket.  Listen in to find out which show wins the grand prize.

It's a generational battle of epic proportions!  Well, not really...but join us for this episode where we (2 Gen X-ers) take a quiz about modern slang, prepared by our Gen Z podcast friend B.  How many do YOU know????

Join us for this episode where Andrew gets to use his degree for the third time in a row, Nate has a brain freeze, and we welcome a very special guest!  Poet, author, public speaker, and self described class clown Tanner Olson joins us for a humorous take on life as a traveling writer/entertainer, his project Written To Speak, and his dog Pancake.  We also talk him into performing a couple of his poems.   

Join us for this episode where Nate makes up another word, Andrew actually uses his college degree AGAIN, and we talk a little bit about the things we collect, and why.  We also have listener feedback!  We love hearing from you!

Join us for this episode where Nate makes up a word, Andrew finally uses his college degree, and we define the Midwest (US) and talk about what makes it special to us.  We get into the people, language, culture and food.  

Is cabin fever getting you down?  Join us for a dose of heart warming positive stories.  There are good things happening in this world, all we have to do is look for them.  In this episode we cover several encouraging stories that will soften the hardest of hearts. 

Join us on this episode where we are privileged to have one of our heroes (who is also a long time listener) join us on the show.  Listen in as we delve into the life of a nurse, learn some tips on staying healthy, and discover how you can show your support to our healthcare workers and all other essential service providers.

Join us as we discuss both the humorous aspects of the quarantine, what we've learned about ourselves, and also some serious waxing poetic about making time for the important stuff in our lives.

We got together to test remote recording, and decided we needed to add our commentary around the current events in the world.  We hope this brings folks some stress relief and a bit of a smile in the midst of uncertain times.  Stay healthy and love each other!

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