Join us for this episode where we attempt to class it up a bit by bringing in our friend Hales.  We discuss some interesting things that have happened and some people we've met this summer, as well as talk about new food options available at the Wisconsin State fair.

Join us for this episode where we take a walk down memory lane.  We go back to the beginning for some of our funniest stories from our first year of the show.  After this episode, go back and listen to all of the year 1 shows....we'll wait...

Join us for this episode where we cover all the hard hitting questions you've come to expect from our show.  We discuss how many chickens it would take to defeat an elephant in battle, what our Spice Girls name would be, which is the proper way to load the toilet roll holder, and many more!

For this episode we are joined again by our friend B from Arbitrary Advice Podcast.  Besides adding class and a level of charm to the show, she also brings us another Gen Z perspective on the world.  This time we talk music.  Listen in for new additions to your favorite play lists.

Join us for this episode where we talk about the fat guy's Shangri-La.....buffet restaurants.  Pizza, Chinese, American classics, breakfast, we talk about them all.

Join us for this episode where we have a significant announcement about the show...oh, and we talk about spring break trips.


Our sports guy Drew is back!  Join us while we joke and give each other a hard time while we fill out our NCAA men's bball tournament bracket and want you to join us for a chance to win prizes - no cost to you!!!

Join us for this fattest of Tuesdays where we discuss some of our favorite fast food vices.  We breakdown our favorites and land on a "super meal" that combines elements from multiple restaurants.



Join us for this episode where we talk about Nate's recent trip to California where he and his daughter toured a college, saw a retail theft as it happened, and Nate spent 5 minutes at the beach.  We also bring in some stories from previous visits to the sunshine state.  

Join us for this episode where we help you with several wonderful gift ideas to get for your significant other this Valentine's Day.  Whether you're shopping for that special woman or man in your life, we've got you covered.  Also, we announce an Amazon gift card giveaway that we have coming up.  

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