Join us for this episode where we are joined by a very special guest - a man of many voices, Noah Pekari.  He brings some of his favorite characters along for the episode while we discuss our predictions for 2021.  

Join us for this episode where we discuss what we missed most out of all of the things impacted by the events of 2020, and what we are looking forward to in 2021.

Join us for this episode where we discuss some of our favorite and impactful purchases over the last year.  Just in time for last minute Christmas shopping ideas.  We also have some listener feedback!

Nate and Andrew are joined by Nate and Ryan from Can We Still Be Friends podcast to discuss holiday movie classics.  Join us as we walk through our top 10 holiday movies, suitable for binging this holiday season!

Join us for this episode where Nate tells the most epic story of his lifetime so far - the full details of how he won a house.  Yes, you read that correctly.  He won a house, and the boys joke through the re-telling of the story.


In this episode we are joined by our two youngest daughters as we find out just how well they know their fathers.  Listen in and see just how close to the tree these apples have fallen.  

Join us for this special episode where we welcome three talented singer/songwriters to the show - Zach Pietrini, Ben Harold, and Paige Hargrove. Get a behind the scenes peek at the life of a musician, and hear three spectacular performances "live" on the show.

Join us as we expand on some financial advice given on a previous episode.  We include lots of personal stories of things that should really be avoided on the road to financial health.  NOTE:  We are NOT financial advisors, nor do we play one on our podcast, however we have both made some mistakes that while amusing now, we both wish we would have done differently.



Join Nate and Andrew for this episode where they provide an early commencement address for the Senior Class.  Andrew's oldest graduates in the spring and Nate's oldest next year, so the boys wanted to make sure they and their classmates are able to walk away with a bit of Beardly wisdom and advice.  

Join us for this episode where we test drive our new sports guy, Drew.  We talk through each division and make Drew pick who he thinks will be the Division, League, and "Big Game" winners.  Listen in and see what the boys think of YOUR team.  

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